Resisting God’s Spiritual Medicine


Have you ever tried to give a baby/toddler medicine before?  You know as the adult or parent that it is what they need.  There is some important reason that you are giving them medicine.  I mean as parents that love our children, we don’t just shove antibiotics or cough medicine down the throats of our children for FUN. Right?  We give them medicine because we love them and want them to be WELL.  My youngest recently caught a little bug that turned into an ear infection.  The doctor prescribed antibiotics for her to help her.  Let me tell you what, trying to give this little girl her antibiotics is anything but easy.  She fights, squirms, spits, screams and as her little body is writhing away from me, her head turning from side to side spitting the pink sticky medicine all over my face and hair I feel so frustrated.  Why can’t I just communicate to her that it’s necessary, that it is what she needs right now to get better.  As I stand there doing my best to give her what she needs, wiping the medicine from my face with a damp cloth, I began to ponder how we as Christians seem to fight God as he gives us what we need.  There are so many things that we don’t understand.

As we grow in Christ I believe we become more mature in taking our Spiritual Medicine from God.  When I give the same medicine to my 5 year old, she grimaces, whines a bit at me, but eventually and without a smile , she chugs the medicine and quickly takes a drink to get rid of the taste.  She knows she needs the medicine, understands my authority so she listens and does what is right, but still not happily.  As we grow into teenagers and adults, while we still don’t enjoy taking medicine, at this point for the most part we will just take the prescribed medication and go on about our day.

I see this as an analogy to our relationship and growth in Christ.  When we are still babes in Christ we are more likely to fight the lessons God is teaching us.  Floundering about , resisting with all our might, still attached to our old selves, holding on to old sins and temptations, trying our best to follow Jesus but at the same time not wanting to give up our independence and all that we know. We think to ourselves with shame , “If God loves me so much, why must i go through_______”.. (you fill in the blank.)  As we grow in Christ, increasingly over time, we begin to see the necessity for the trials and lessons we go through as being for our GOOD and WELLBEING.

I want you to understand that even though you may not understand what God is up to,  your path and all the lessons along the way have a great purpose. God is using you in your current situation to prepare you for the many great things He will do in your life.

Without these lessons and experiences, this spiritual medicine that may taste so bad,  there is no way that you will be able to handle what comes next.  He is leading you step by step and only has your well being in mind.  He loves you and cares for you and would never do anything to hurt you.  Just as a parent gives their child medicine, He too, loving us gives us the spiritual medicine, the trials and lessons in life , that WE NEED.

God places us in situations strategically to grow us and prepare us for what is coming.  His plans for us are beyond us and we can’t  possibly even begin to understand what he is up to.  But he has a plan, a great plan.  He is preparing you for YOUR future.

Through these experiences he is readying you to fulfill your destiny.  These, my friend, are the many lessons that will positively change the course of your life from any darkness in your past.  As you grow through the lessons, you grow closer to God. Listen carefully dear friend, He is speaking to you.  He is teaching you, showing you a better way.  Open up to the possibility of greatness under the comfort of his guarding hand as he draws you up onto his lap to teach you even more.

The next time you feel pressure under trials, you feel yourself crumbling, you want to fight and squirm, resisting because you just don’t understand.  Remember this scripture.  Write it down on a sticky note and post it on your bathroom mirror. The more we grow, the less we fight, because the more we understand, God is on our side!

Isaiah 48:17 KJV

” Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.”

Wishing you blessings on your path in Christ.



2 thoughts on “Resisting God’s Spiritual Medicine

  1. Well written Tara! This is a very good analogy between our children’s reaction to medicine and our spiritual “childhood.” In both cases, we learn the medicine is good for as if we will take it as prescribed!


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