Essential oils: When shady marketing and quackery meet

As a Christian I am against most of the Essential oil companies because they market several oil blends with with very Eastern mysticism or new age terminology, but I also appreciate this doctors honesty about the physical (natural ) dangers that can be associated with them as well. Thought I would share.

The Pediatric Insider

The Pediatric Insider

© 2014 Roy Benaroch, MD

Kayla wrote in: “Hello!  I am curious what you think about essential oils.  They have recently become incredibly popular in my community, but I am pretty skeptical because so much of the enthusiasm is coming from those who have signed up as ‘distributors’ with doTerra or Young Living (2 essential oil multi-level marketing companies.). The biggest concern I have is that these companies (and all these new distributors) recommend taking many of these oils internally, and giving them orally to children.  I know there is little research to validate the super exaggerated claims that these oils cure EVERYthing, and I am wondering if there is evidence of them actually being harmful-especially taken internally?  I try to provide good information to the moms in my community groups (I am a BSN/public health nurse), and I wonder if taking these oils internally, and especially…

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