Enjoy Time With Your Family


  Our Family really enjoys outdoor adventures, so we took a day trip to Garden of the Gods in Illinois.  We love being in nature whether it is hiking or camping because it gives us a great opportunity to truly disconnect from electronics and spend some old-fashioned quality time together as a family.  It allows us a moment to breathe and find some stillness in this fast paced world.


There are so many benefits to spending time together as a family! I truly believe that “time” with your family is the wisest investment a person can make next to time with God. Sometimes in the busyness of work, chores and school we get so caught up in what we must do that we forget to just stop and enjoy each other.  Spending time together exploring outside is a great way to strengthen a family bond. It is a great leisure activity that is also FREE, well except for the cost of gas and food expense.  Yet as a family of 6 we only spent $55 yesterday on this little outing. We took some snacks and drinks with us, purchased gas and had dinner at Subway.  We made some great memories that will last us a lifetime.  I challenge all of my readers to make a plan as a family to escape the daily life for just a little bit and spend some quality time together.


This is a photo of my husband being daring and venturing out a little further than the kids and I could.  Of course I would have loved to join him, but i was packing the toddler on my back, so that wasn’t very plausible.  I did however capture a beautiful shot! The skies were so blue and the scenery was amazing. Where do you and your family like to go to “get away”?



We were overlooking the 3,000 acre Shawnee National forest here from the observation trail.  It was absolutely breathtaking!


This is a shot of my boys sitting on a ledge in the opening of Cave In Rock.  Apparently this cave was used many years ago by river pirates! What!? Yeah it was an exciting adventure, there were no other visitors so we had the place all to ourselves.

Spending time together as a family is so important! The family unit was God’s idea, God’s design and a total expression of God’s love, his very essence and nature! So go! Spend some time with your loved ones, hug them tight, laugh with them, explore with them.  Cherish every moment and make some great memories together.

“To see God in everything makes life the greatest adventure there is.”-Apples of Gold

Stay Blessed!